What is Luvita?

  • Luvita is a premium bottled spring water suitable to meet all of your and your child’s hydration needs at all stages of development.
  • Starting with pregnancy, proper hydration is extremely important because your amniotic fluid is replaced every three hours: the total daily water exchange is equivalent to six gallons.
  • After your baby is born, your breast milk contains about 87% water, so adequate hydration is necessary for good lactation. Even if you feed your baby infant formula, using a safe and pure water is essential.
  • As your child grows, it is crucial to ensure your toddler or preschooler is always properly hydrated. Water, being a sugar free natural drink, is the best choice to satisfy all hydration needs.
  • In addition to its purity and safety, Luvita contains 3 times as much calcium and magnesium as the average tap water. These essential minerals are crucial for your child’s heart, muscles and nerves to develop and grow stronger.
  • Luvita comes in BPA free bottles, free from hazardous contaminants and dangerous chemicals that are commonly found in surface water.  
  • Luvita is the first water in the line of Mineralaide bottled water products.


You are able to find the exact composition, locality of the source and other important information on the label

100% Natural

Our water originates from a deep natural aquifer protected by the Carpathian mountains


Luvita comes from a pristine source 800 feet below the surface and is free from hazardous contaminants, dangerous chemicals, harmful pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxic substances commonly found in surface water


Luvita is harvested from the underground source directly into the bottle without any alterations and the equipment and the bottling technology are focused on delivering water of highest microbiological purity


It has no added chlorine or fluoride and contains only safe levels of naturally occuring minerals with a well balanced pH level, beneficial for mothers and necessary for development and growth of babies and children

Low on Sodium

It contains only negligible amounts of sodium (2mg per L) so it can be drunk even in large quantities by pregnant moms whose hydration needs are increased


Available wherever you go as you do not have to boil it before giving it to your child or mixing with baby formula

Luvita cares for you and your baby

During your pregnancy: In the fifth month of your pregnancy, your baby begins to drink amniotic fluid (400 ml/day) which is primarily composed of water and electrolytes. Although you don’t see it, you are providing your baby with the basics for a healthy life and helping your child grow and develop. By drinking Luvita during your pregnancy, you are giving your baby only the best, right from the start.

During breastfeeding: The quality of your breast milk is affected by what you drink.  As much as 87 per cent of breast milk is composed of water.  That’s why the purity and composition is so important. When you drink Luvita, you can rest assured that your body has exactly the water it needs to produce the best breast milk.

During infancy: When a baby is born, its body is composed of as much as 80 per cent water. Luvita’s composition of minerals and trace elements helps your child develop and grow stronger each and every day.

Babies and water

In the beginning, it is mom’s milk that will satisfy the baby’s first hunger and thirst. Breastmilk is the ideal choice to satisfy the drinking needs of every baby in the first 6 months of their lives. However, if you are for whatever reason unable to breastfeed, the breastmilk must be replaced by infant formula.  In this case, using water that satisfies the highest quality requirements is essential.  When looking for the best water, you should be mainly mindful of safety, purity and the mineral content.  

Moms need taking care off too!

If you went through it, you will probably agree.  Pregnancy is hard on your body. Our body goes through a myriad of changes until long after the baby is born.  That’s why it is important to pay attention to yourself, be conscious about what you eat and what you drink.  Sometimes we use pregnancy as an excuse to eat tubs of ice cream and loads of sugar.  However, wholesome nutrition, minerals, mainly calcium, magnesium and iron, and proper hydration will make a huge difference in how well you feel during your pregnancy and how fast your body regenerates after giving birth.

How is Luvita different?

How is Luvita distinct from other waters, such as tap or filtered/enhanced waters?  Luvita is completely natural, unaltered, as intended by mother Nature.  Other waters, such as tap and various processed/filtered waters are a safe alternative to natural spring water, but unfortunately never exactly the same as the original.

Luvita and Luvita Kids are part of the Mineralaide Family. To order our bottled waters, please visit mineralaide.ca.