Now the same pristine water in the kids friendly packaging!  Give your child a natural, healthy and fun alternative to sweetened drinks and fruit juices – pristine aquifer water with a magnificent balance of naturally occurring essential minerals.  In fact, if you teach your child to drink pure water, it might prevent obesity issues in the future. Psychologists claim that children learn by observation and in the first few years of their life, they create most lifestyle habits, including, for example, the basics of healthy diet and drinking habits. Not exposing the child to sweet drinks early in life could lead to life changing consequences:

  • you teach your child that thirst is satisfied by pure water (there are children that virtually do not like the taste of sweet drinks to satisfy thirst)
  • you decrease the hyperactivity (a child that drinks a sweetened drink before going to sleep gets an energy spike and will have harder time to fall asleep)
  • you have a better chance to avoid obesity issues (if maintaining healthy diet and sufficient activity levels), cavities, and other health complications
  • you limit child’s refusal of healthy food and at minimum endow them with correct eating habits
Teach your kids how to eat healthy

It does not have to be that difficult, try using fresh local produce, get rid of refined sugars, processed foods, soft drinks and fast food. Read your labels, maybe you can show your child how to do it next time with you? Children learn by observation and if you are an example for your child, the likelihood is that they will acquire healthy habits with you. If they see you regularly drinking water and taking care of your hydration needs, they will likely follow suit. If the children are used to wholesome good quality nutrition, they will likely prefer it over fast food in the long run.

We asked a doctor...

We asked Dr. Michelle Basu Roy, a board certified Naturopathic Doctor, trained Osteopath, and a mom of a 18 month old boy: what water do you recommend to moms?  “I always recommend that my clients avoid regularly drinking tap water.  Tap water can contain various toxins, including for example metabolites from antidepressants and birth control.  When we use similar drugs, toxic metabolites leave our bodies through urine and can get into the water supply. These toxins are not necessarily removed by chlorination and other processing. The potential for a long term harm is obviously exacerbated in small children.  One option is to use reverse osmosis filtration to get rid of all the potential chemicals; however, this process also removes all beneficial minerals.  If my clients have access to good quality natural spring water containing trace minerals, I always recommend it as the best option.”

Naturally active!

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that to help preventing obesity in children, free play with emphasis on fun, playfulness, exploration, and experimentation should be encouraged.  Preschool-aged children should take part in unorganized play and appropriate activities might include running, swimming, tumbling, throwing, and catching. That sounds quite intuitive and exactly what children naturally want to be doing, doesn’t it?  They don’t need sophisticated contraptions to move and have fun.  By analogy, why do we need sugary mixed artificial drinks to satisfy our kids’ thirst?  Keeping it simple with pure spring water is not only the most intuitive, but also the healthiest!